Hasta Eco is revolutionizing the Swedish food industry and agriculture. We make organic food accessible, sustainable and profitable.


"Our ambition with this project is to contribute to a healthier and better future. Something that we and future generations can be proud of. That is my goal." 

Stefan Schörling

Awards and Recognition

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Interviews and Seminars

"Farmer of the Year!" What a tremendous honor! It's incredibly rewarding to see our efforts gaining recognition, and we take immense pride in this achievement.

Stefan had the great honor of being on "Live on Youtube: Morgonsoffan i Arboga". 

Listen to Stefan share his thoughts on profitability and capital in the food industry.  


60% of primary and secondary businesses have growth ambitions. This is according to a new survey of over 500 farmers, meat and milk producers and processors. But what does it take to grow?

In our enlightening seminar, we'll have the opportunity to connect with four companies, each sharing their unique journey of growth and the strategies they've employed to overcome challenges such as capital requirements, skills acquisition, profitability, and cultural hurdles. 

Investing in tomorrow's innovative food production is highly interesting for investors. Therefore, we will also hear from investors Helena Silvander, CEO of Tillväxtbolaget, Mikael Fällman, CEO of Almi Företagspartner Mälardalen and Johanna Palmér, Private angel investor and CEO of the investor network LIAF


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Our Concept

By using new technologies, innovative methods and following nature's own path, we create regenerative farming systems. This approach allows us to grow high-quality, nutrient-rich crops while rebuilding and improving our arable soil. A key aspect of this method is the sequestration of carbon in the soil, which means that carbon dioxide is bound to the soil. This is crucial for long-term sustainable cultivation and development.

In our cultivation, we do not use any foreign chemicals that affect different forms of life. We add nutrients to the soil using its own organisms and recycle nutrients from the farm and processing. We support the development of life in the soil and promote photosynthesis. Collaboration and intercropping are the basis of our success.

Our crops, which are naturally gluten-free, include oats, buckwheat, pea, hemp, rapeseed, clover and timothy. Our machinery and facilities have no contact with gluten, which is found in wheat, barley and rye, for example. This results in minimal risk of any gluten content in our products.


When we work together and support each other, we create an environment where both health and climate can benefit. This collaboration gives us the opportunity to collectively contribute to positive changes that affect not only our own lives but also our common future. By sharing knowledge, resources and commitment, together we can shape a sustainable and healthy coexistence, where every effort counts and every action is a step towards a better society.

At Hasta Eco, we practice the principle of intercropping, a method where plants work together in symbiosis to improve nutrient supply and promote a healthy soil environment. By growing plants that complement each other, we create a mutually beneficial dynamic that results in viable and prosperous crops. This holistic approach to farming not only supports a sustainable harvest but also promotes overall health and vitality at Hasta Eco.

What is groundbreaking about Hasta Eco's concept is that we integrate technology to create a circular food chain and secure outlets for our harvest. Hasta Farm serves as our pilot hub where several farmers in the area utilize our technology and contribute their own resources to the concept. This collaboration is the foundation for success in other areas, and by growing together we create a sustainable and mutually beneficial community.

Our Climate

Every kilogram of biochar that we incorporate into the crop soil enables the sequestration of over 3 kilograms of CO2 over a sustained period of time. Biochar plays a dual role by not only acting as a long-term carbon sequestration agent, but also enriching the soil, making it more vibrant and fertile. This results in a growing environment that promotes nutritious food production.

At Hasta, we allow the soil to remain covered with vegetation all year round. Through this approach, we capture maximum CO2 while providing continuous natural nutrition to soil organisms, creating a favorable environment for their life and development.

We are building on local partnerships to reduce our transport and thereby minimize our climate impact. This approach not only contributes to a sustainability approach, but also promotes the growth of local businesses and increases profitability in the region.

Our Crops

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"Let us not forget that the cultivation of the earth is the most important labor of man. When tillage begins, other arts follow. Farmers, therefore, are the founders of civilization."

-Daniel Webster