What has happened and what is going on?

Significant developments unfold at Hasta Gård and within the entire group. We'd like to take a moment to share some of our history with you:


Purchase of Hälla Fellingsbro. A farm of about 100 acres with 65 acres of arable land. 


Stefan leases Hasta Gård, his parents' 200-acre property, which includes 70 acres of arable land. 

1993 - 2016 

Conventional cultivation including artificial fertilization and chemical treatment 


We are embarking on the journey of organic farming and implementing our new concept. The initial phase involves comprehensive planning for the operation, determining the necessary machinery and structures, and initiating the required investments. 


We commence the construction of the grain facility. 


Our first hall is now standing, and we have made progress in developing and acquiring both processing and agricultural machinery. 


The hall is completed and development continues.


Now we are expanding processing and a new hall is being built. 


Our efforts persist in constructing the halls and processing facilities, with the critical task of machine installation currently underway. While the ongoing pandemic poses challenges, we are doing our utmost to adapt. Furthermore, the arrival of the biochar boiler marks a significant milestone, and our presence in the market is steadily gaining momentum. 


We are commencing sales and connecting with our customers. Presently, we cultivate approximately 450 hectares of land, and we are also initiating collaboration with local farmers in the region.

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