Our Crops

These combined crops create a unique blend of protein-rich ingredients that offer optimal nutritional value. The resulting products can be utilized in home kitchens to prepare a wide range of gluten-free dishes, including bread, pizza, pancakes, waffles, meat sauce, cakes, pies, and more.

Within the "Recipes" section, you'll discover our original recipes as well as links to external online recipes. In the "Health" section, we offer our own summarization of the relevant documentation along with a collection of useful links.

Our crops are cultivated with a focus on soil health and sustainable agricultural practices.

These crops play a pivotal role in supporting various components of the ecosystem, from soil organisms to the cultivated plants. They contribute to the circular nutrient system by capturing atmospheric elements and binding them to the soil, promoting soil life and nutrient supply. This continuous process results in the accumulation of CO2 in the soil throughout the year, enhancing the efficient utilization of atmospheric resources and facilitating the ongoing development of soil mechanisms. 

Oilseed ragwort is a plant that accumulates nitrogen during the later stages of its growth, effectively retaining nitrogen content in the soil until the subsequent growing season. This process prevents nutrient runoff into watercourses, mitigating their detrimental effects on our lakes and oceans.

Additional crops are cultivated in a complementary manner to foster sustainable farming practices...

These mentioned crops provide invaluable enhancements and additions to bread and various blends, elevating the overall nutritional content of the food.

Hemp seeds boast an optimal Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio. 

Hemp is a key ingredient in the bread mix featured within the Hasta Eco product line.