Our cultivated and processed crops are both gluten-free and boast a remarkable protein and nutritional profile.

We have been growing organically in Sweden for about 20-30 years. 

The growing interest in organic farming stems from the necessity to enhance our food production while aligning it with nature to cultivate nutritious sustenance, not only for our generation but also for many generations to follow.

Our concept is rooted in knowledge acquired from diverse sources, including the wisdom predating the era of industrial food production. We've carefully considered Sweden's unique circumstances to establish sustainable, lucrative, and enduring cultivation practices that hold significant promise for the future of our nation.

This form of progression isn't steered by major organizations seeking to merely reduce external inputs; rather, the essence of our concept lies in the avoidance of such inputs altogether. The allure of this approach for us as humans lies in the prospect of its sustainability, as we observe its potential to operate indefinitely. Nature thrives through equilibrium and cooperation with humanity.

Do we require synthetic chemicals, artificial fertilizers, and pesticides? While some argue in favor, our stance is a resounding no. Our concept hinges on the innate resilience and strength of nature to combat infestations and maintain health.

So, what specific measures are we taking to ensure its success?

Greenery all year round.

A combination of legumes, herbs and cereals.

Supporting microbial and fungal development in our soils, restoring natural fertility with the help of fermented nutrients, bringing back natural fungi, helping worms to develop. Farming soil organisms should always have a "rich smorgasbord" to feast on.

We are already witnessing the tangible success of our approach, as our crops consistently yield impressive results.


"Agriculture is the most healthful, the most useful, and most noble employment of man."

- George Washington