What makes us different? 

The crops we grow and process are naturally gluten-free and are characterized by high protein and nutritional content.

Organic farming has been an established practice in Sweden for about 20-30 years. The increasing interest in developing organic farming has grown out of the realization of the need to improve food production and harmonize it with nature in order to grow nutritious food, not only for us but also for future generations.

Our concept is based on accumulated knowledge from various sources, especially the knowledge that existed before the start of industrial food production. We have also taken into account Sweden's special conditions to create a profitable and long-term cultivation that can become an important business for the future Sweden.

Our development is not driven by large organizations to reduce the use of external inputs. Rather, the aim of the concept is to avoid external inputs, which makes it interesting for us humans because we see that it can work forever. Nature grows in balance and interaction with us humans.

Do we need to use unnatural chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and the like? Some say yes, but our position is no. Our concept is based on the fact that nature itself is healthy and strong enough to resist attacks.

But what do we do to make it work?

  • We have greenery all year round.
  • We combine legumes, herbs and cereals.
  • We support the microbes and fungi in our soils, bring back natural fertility using fermented nutrients, reintroduce natural fungi and help worms to develop. Soil organisms should always have a rich 'smorgasbord' to enjoy.

We can already see that it is working and that our harvests are producing excellent results.


"Agriculture is the most healthful, the most useful, and most noble employment of man."

- George Washington