About Hasta Food Tech 

Hasta Food Tech AB is a group consisting of Hasta Agri AB, Hasta Eco AB and Hasta Agri Tech AB, founded by Stefan Schörling outside Hasta in Arboga.

Our collective ambition is to drive change in Swedish agriculture. We aim to establish a sustainable organic practice for local production of nutritious and high-quality, gluten-free food in Sweden. The goal is to create a scalable system to create more central hubs and thereby strengthen the food and farming culture in Sweden.

Hasta Food Tech AB embraces an approach to food production that is not only sustainable but also profitable for our farmers and society as a whole.

Co-cultivation is an essential component of our cultivation concept where plants interact and the need for nitrogen is minimized. Moreover, research has indicated that co-cultivation results in increased nutrient content, and we will confirm this through our own cultivation.

We have the responsibility to manage and develop farmland. Short-term overexploitation has devastating consequences, especially for future generations.

A lively and healthy soil is characterized by a rich diversity of worms, which in itself creates a revitalization of the soil. A living soil is characterized by a healthy balance of microbes and mycelium, which is essential for its well-being. We naturally refrain from the use of chemicals and aggressive artificial fertilizers, as this negatively affects the living life in the soil.

"If we can't afford to take care of the land that feeds us, we're in an insurmountable mess."

-Wendell Berry